Gingerbread pure honey lemon ginger
Gingerbread pure honey lemon ginger
Gingerbread pure honey lemon ginger
Gingerbread pure honey lemon ginger

Gingerbread pure honey lemon ginger

Lemon & ginger-flavoured spice bread to share in a 170g barquette

The gingerbread Mulot & Petitjean lemon and ginger jam is both mellow and scented.When petripping the dough, zests of lemon confits and zests of ginger confits are incorporated into the mixture.They allow you to find the natural flavours of citrus fruit in the mouth.

The pure-miel gingerbread bears its name since it contains 48% honey.You'll love her soft texture.

In a very practical format (barquette 170g), the tasty taste of this pure honey spice bread makes it the essential partner of gourmet breaks and desserts.


For one original dessert and tasty, accompany this gingerbread with an exotic fruit salad (mango, pineapple...).

There is also under different recipes (Caramel butter salt, Oranges confites, fig, Honey of Burgundy, Nature, Honey of Burgundy and for lovers of sweet / salty: Seeds and mustard sound).

How to keep your product after opening?

  • Refer to the packaging
  • Place the product in plastic storage bag or a hermetic box
  • Keep it at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C
  • Consume it quickly after opening

Ingredients: Honey 48% (EU Origin), SEIGLE flour, FROMENT flour (BLE), confit lemon paste 6.5% (lemon bark, dextrose, sugar), ginger confit 6.5% (gingembre, dextrose), water, OEUFS yellow (Origin: France, eggs from high open air chickens), up powder (sodium carbonates), spices.


Average nutritional values per 100g: Energy:1399kJ / 335kcal - Grass matter: 1.0g including saturated fatty acids: 0.2g - Glucides: 75.5g including sugars: 46g - fibre: 4.8 g - Proteins: 3.5 g -Salt: 0.54g

Net weight: 170 g


SORTING INSTRUCTIONS:  Plastic film + barrel + sorting tray

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